How 3 universities are taking online and eLearning learning to the next level to drive a personalised student experience

Over the past five years online education has exploded across the Australian higher education sector. Technological advancements and changing student expectations have made the online education model an increasingly viable option for learning.

And as the student demand for online learning continues to soar, there is no doubt that the way that we teach and learn is set to transform even more in the coming years.

But does the growth of online learning mean that traditional bricks and mortar learning models will have no place in the future?

According to a recent survey of students by online teaching company Studiosity, 19 per cent of Australian tertiary students think physical campuses will cease to exist with in 20 years time.

Similarly, another study by Australian Science revealed 50 percent of students surveyed liked their online course materials, while just over 30 percent said the same about traditional coursework.

With so much change on the horizon, what steps can universities take to ensure their approach to online learning can transform the student learning experience into something which is fulfilling, rewarding and personalised? What’s more, how can universities go about creating the perfect marriage of educator engagement and student ROI when rollingout new online learning models?

To answer these questions, ahead of the 3rd Annual Online and eLearning Summit 2018, we have compiled three case studies which explore the different approaches three Australian universities are taking to improve student engagement and personalisation of the learning process through innovative online learning strategies.


In the eBook, you can learn more about:

  • Deakin University is developing and implementing FutureLearn – a MOOC which aims to create a real-world learning experience for students\
  • Charles Sturt University is engaging students through new interactive and adaptive online learning experiences
  • Sydney University is using data to help build engaging student-teacher connections to improve online learning engagement

Download the eBook here!


For more information about the 3rd Annual Online and eLearning Summit 2018 download the agenda or visit the website


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